Mini Pastries and Cookies

Our world famous Italian cookies

Almond Slices

      Similar to traditional long biscotti, this cookie is filled with almonds and candied fruit.






Sometimes called “Almond Drops”.  A soft sweet almond paste cookie.




Anise Drops

     Classic Italian cookie glazed with anise (black licorice)  flavored frosting.






Assorted Biscotti

     Meaning “twice baked” in the Italian language – these long, crunchy cookies are great for dunking in your favorite coffee or tea. Assorted flavors are Almond, Chocolate Hazelnut, Double Chocolate and Pistachio.




Buccellati (Fig Filled)

     Also known as “Cuccidati”.  This traditional holiday cookie is filled with a a velvet blend of figs, dates, pine nuts, and chocolate chips.  Topped with a white frosting and sprinkles.




Chocolate Covered Macaroons

     Coconut star cookie, dipped in chocolate truffle and sprinkles.




Chocolate Shadow

     Sandwiched butter cookie filled with chocolate truffle and then chocolate dipped on one side.





Cherry Butter

      Butter cookie delicately decorated with a red candied cherry in the center.




Coconut Macaroons

     Coconut star cookie, topped with candied cherry.







Florentine Lace

     Crunchy, thin flat cookie made of nuts, dipped in chocolate.





Pecan Fingers

      Log or “finger like” shaped cookies are made of a crumbly dough filled with ground pecans, finished with a completely covering of powdered sugar.





Pistachio Delights

      A sandwiched butter cookie, filled with pistachio filling, dipped in chocolate truffle.





Raspberry Napoleons

      Two butter cookies sandwiched together with raspberry filling in the center, dusted with powdered sugar, then drizzled with chocolate truffle.





Rustic Almond

     This dense cookie mirrors a delicious marzipan flavor.






Sesame Biscotti

     This crunchy cookie is known by all Italians as “Sceminio” or “Gigiolena”.  Crunchy cookie rolled in sesames.






     Also known as “Tre Colore” or “Three Colored Cookie”, another fabulous classic glazed with almond flavored frosting.






Round pecan cookie with chocolate center.






     A traditional Sicilian cookie, also known as “Toto” or “Tetu”.  Round Chocolate cookies with walnut chunks and chocolate chips, coated with a light glaze.





Assorted Cookie Trays Available




Our world famous Mini-Pastries 



      Traditional Sicilian FAVORITE!  In Sicilian sometimes called “Un Cannolu”.  This is a light crunchy, tube shaped pastry shell filled with sweetened ricotta cheese with chocolate chips and candied cherries on the ends, finished with a light dusting of powdered sugar.





      Are a light pastry filled with real whipped cream or lemons custard, dusted with powdered sugar or dipped in chocolate.





      Italian cake with layers of coffee and liquor drenched lady fingers, a layer of a sweetened marscapone cheese and topped with real whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa powder.





     Round delicate miniature tart shell filled with custard and topped with fresh fruit.







      Round delicate miniature tart shell filled with rum flavored chocolate mousse topped with pistachio.







     Baked light pastry shell filled with custard and covered with chocolate truffle.







     This is a miniature version of the traditional Sicilian cake known as “CASSATA”.  Yellow cake layer drizzled with rum flavoring, a layer of cannoli filling (sweetened ricotta cheese) all wrapped in marzipan, topped with a soft smooth fondant frosting and candied cherry.